It is Time to Sell

  1. Prepare your home

    Take a good look around your home. Make any necessary repairs, depersonalize, touch up paint, and clean. Remember that 1st impressions are very important. If you are not sure what things need to be done, contact your REALTOR®. They know what buyers are looking for and they can be a great second pair of eyes.
  2.  Contact a REALTOR®

    A REALTOR® can help you get the best price for your home. They have the tools and knowledge to help you price your home to be competitive in your market.
  3. Set the price

    With the information your REALTOR® provides to you, you are now ready to determine the price of your home.
  4. Marketing the property

    Your REALTOR® will execute different strategies and ways to get your home sold. These may include, but are not limited to,use of the MLS, print ads, and open houses. These are things your REALTOR® will discuss with you.
  5. Sell your home

    This is where your REALTOR® will help negotiate the best deal possible. Once you’ve reached an agreement and havea signed contract on your home, the buyer may request a home inspection. Once again your REALTOR® will help you get through this. Your REALTOR® is there for you for anythingthat may come up during the time between signing of the contract and closing.
  6. Close the deal

    You will need to take a photo identification to closing.