You Have Decided to Buy

  1. Choose a REALTOR®
    Using a quality REALTOR® can save you time and perhaps even money. They can help you navigate the forms, negotiate the deal, and move you smoothly through a process that can sometimes be
    a bit bumpy.
  2. Decide what type of representation you would like
    There are Buyers Agents, Sellers Agents, Dual Agents and Statutory Brokers. Your REALTOR® will explain these to you so that you may decide which type of representation is best for you.
  3. Meet with a Lender and get pre-approval for a loan
    There are some good reasons for doing this. If you are pre-approved, you know what price range of homes to look at. This can be a real time saver. It also is a nice thing to be able to include the fact that you are pre-approved in your offer.
  4. Look at homes
    Discuss with your REALTOR® the amenities you are looking for in a home, schools, distance from work, etc. A house is a shelter, but a home is so much more. It is where you will live relax, entertain, raise a family, work and more.
  5. Make an offer
    Your REALTOR® is a great source to help you determine what to offer for a property. They have the information and expertise needed to guide you.
  6. Get a home inspection
    It is a good idea to get a professional home inspection on a home before you buy it. Once again, your REALTOR® will help you through this.
  7. Go over the preliminary Title report
    If there are things that you do not understand, be sure to ask.
  8. Go to closing
    Be sure to have a photo ID.
  9. Move in!