Green Realty is a developed real estate company in the Billings area. Kevin Thompson, Broker/Owner of Green Realty, brings to the company many successful years of real estate experience.

He is committed to emphasizing the importance of being socially conscious by supporting development and construction that is self-sustained, preserves open space, conserves our resources and has minimal impact on our natural landscape and wildlife species. Green Realty also will financially support organizations that are green or do good things for the Billings community.

Green Realty looks forward to serving our community, not only in its charitable endeavors, but also taking part in ensuring that the Billings area is maintained and developed into an environmentally friendly community which supports healthy living for us all. Our actions today can ensure our future. We look forward to being a part of this.


What does the Green Realty team do for fun? Enjoy the great Outdoors!