Thank you for meeting the challenge in Northern Plains’ building-campaign match.

- Northern Plains Resource Council


Sorry we have taken so long to get this out to you. Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Just wanted to tell you thanks for handling the sale of our home. After a bad experience with our previous realtor it was a breath of fresh air to have you handle things. It has been a big loads off our shoulders to have the home sold. You handled everything very professionally and courteously. Once again we would just like to thank you for everything you did to sell the home and work with us.


- Ty and Erin Pedersen

Thank you for your recent contribution . . . Montana Audobon’s Conservation Education Center in Billings.  Your support allows us to offer wide-ranging envionmental and outdoor education programming for children, families and people of all ages.

- Montana Audobon

I want you to know how grateful all of us at Rim County are for your generous gift . . . you gave us encouragement in our mission and work . . . hope that comes from the belief of others.  Thank you for initiating such a wonderful program of giving back to the community.

- Rim Country Land Institute

Wanted to say thanks for all your help and putting up with us for all those months!!! If there is a website for testimonials please let me know where it is and I will gladly look it up and add some positive feedback for you! It was a long journey, but we are thrilled with finally finding a new house.
Thanks again,

- Kyna, Charles & family

Thank you for your support of Eagle Mount . . . We are very grateful to you for your support of our mission of providing opportunities in recreation to enhance the lives of children and adults with disabilities. Our programs are available and succeed, in large part, because of the generosity of those like you who support our mission.

Your support has made it possible for us to touch the lives of children and adults with disabilities –with your help, they are truly able to experience “a lifetime without limits.”

- Eagle Mount

Thank you for your donation . . . we appreciate everything you do.



We are enjoying our home and our land. We have deer in our yard every day, a couple squirrels live in our tree out back that I feed and we have a lot of pheasants on our place that we also throw a little corn out for. We enjoy the view and we are so glad that we bought in that area! This summer will be planning and landscaping the yard so pretty excited about that. Definitely was the best decision we ever made!!
Thanks for your help in allowing us to achieve our dream of moving into our new home and on our beautiful land!


thanks so much

- Mike and Cortney Ruth